Finding the right puppy toy

Orange County puppies need the right toys to play with. The wrong toys can be dangerous to the puppies. The right toys will help them as they grow, and they will be safe too. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the toys need to be expensive. They just need to be safe.

Hard rubber or nylon toys are good for teething pups. This gives them a durable toy which won’t break apart and become a choking hazard. It is especially good if you can get the ones which can be filled with water. Once filled they can be frozen to give your puppies a soothing toy to chew on.

A good thick rope toy gives puppies a good chewing toy with a different texture. Make sure that there are no little fibers for your pup to swallow. Although this is a good toy swallowing the fibers can cause issues with their digestion. Also, do not use the toy to play tug-of-war with your pup until they are older and their teeth are fully developed.

Some toys to stay away from include any toys with small parts, toys with springs, cooked real bones, squeaky rubber toys, and foam stuffed toys. Although these toys may be cute, or you think your pup will enjoy them, they are not safe. It is better to get toys that are pet safe.

Don’t forget to check the toys frequently to ensure that they are not breaking down or becoming unsafe for your pup. Ask your veterinarian which types of toys they would recommend for your growing pup. Here’s hoping you get some safe toys for your pups!