How to Get Rid of Pet Fleas

  1. get rid of pet fleas

For many pet owners in California, the getting rid of pet fleas can be a year-long battle. Trying to find and eliminate fleas from cats or dogs can a frustrating challenge. Fleas are tiny little pests that live on animals and they can be hard to find. Dogs and cats can bring fleas into the home after contact with other animals or the environment.

Usually, the first sign of fleas on your pet is that they are scratching a lot. If you notice this behavior, it is time to eliminate them from your pet before the fleas jump off their host and bite you. Flea bites can be just as itchy and annoying for humans as they are for pets.

Let’s look as some of the best ways to get rid of fleas and also prevent them becoming a nuisance for your pet.

Getting Rid of Fleas from Your Pet

There are a few things every pet owner can do to quickly remove fleas from pets before they annoy the whole household.

Chemical flea treatments

Chemical flea treatments are safe and quick methods of getting rid of fleas quickly. For example, you can get from your local vet or pet store oral tablets that will kill off most of the pet fleas within 4 hours.
You can also get some spot-on flea treatments that may take a bit longer to work. Some of these topical treatments also target flea eggs, so they are also a good way to prevent fleas infesting your pet.

Non-chemical flea treatments

Some pet owners prefer to use non-chemical treatments for flea removal. Most of these involve shampoos with natural ingredients that act as a natural repellent for fleas. Natural flea shampoos require you to wash your pet for around 10 minutes. After that, a special flea comb is used to remove all the dead fleas from your pet’s fur.

Preventing Pet Fleas

Unfortunately, fleas have the habit of returning. Therefore, regular prevention treatment for fleas is the best way to stop fleas becoming a pest in your home. Many prevention treatments kill off flea larvae, thus breaking the life cycle of fleas.

With persistence and perseverance, you can get rid of these unwelcome guests for good.