Orange Veterinary Services for Your Pet

As a modern pet hospital in California our range of Orange veterinary services are similar to any top performing veterinary clinic in America. We have professional staff and state of the art equipment to ensure the best service and quality of care. The services you will find at our vet hospital include:

Preventative Medicine
Laboratory Analysis
Rehabilitation Therapy
Laser Therapy
Non-anesthetic Dentals
Hospice Care

  • Preventive Medicine

  • Preventative Medicine

    We strongly believe in the value of regular healthy physical examinations. These exams are essential to promoting good health and will keep your pet happy and healthy. We advise exams twice annually for all patients as a lot can change in 6 months. During your exam, we will discuss vaccination protocols specific to your pet’s lifestyle. We will also discuss parasite control, weight management, nutrition, and home dental care as well as any matters specific to Orange and the surrounding areas. Of course we will look for any hidden problems.

    Remember that pets don’t act sick until they are extremely ill. The best treatment is early detection. For that reason, we advise annual lab testing on our senior patients (over age 7 for most pets and 5 for our giant-sized friends). This includes blood and urine tests, blood pressure, and glaucoma screening. We might request a fecal sample. Remember it’s easier on your pet for you to bring one than for us to take one.

  • Diagnostics

  • Diagnostics

    It’s always scary when your pet gets sick. Our Orange medical team is here to help. We will make your sick friend get better. Quick, accurate diagnosis of the problem is essential. We have the training and the tools necessary to get the answer of your pet’s ailment. We take your pet’s health very seriously.

    Digital Radiography

    We have a fully digital radiology (X-Ray) unit. This allows us to get a much more detailed image, much faster, with less x-ray radiation exposure to your pets.


    We perform ultrasounds in house. All of our ultrasounds are either performed by a radiologist or are reviewed by a radiologist. Ultrasounds are a non-invasive way to look at internal structures. Shaving is required but we do try to keep it at a minimum. Most patients are fully awake for the procedure.


    Endoscopy is a great way to look at the internal structures of the airways, digestive tract, abdomen, bladder, and nose. Biopsies or surgical procedures can be performed via a scope as well. We do have to schedule these procedures in advance, as we have a veterinarian who comes here to perform them.

    Digital Record Keeping

    All of our records are fully digital. Our lab work, radiographs, examination findings, and treatment plans are all computerized and easy to access, even remotely. When we perform an examination, you will get a print out of all of our findings, including the diagnosis, treatment plan, and even a picture of your pet!

  • Eduardo on Microscope

  • Laboratory Analysis

    We can run blood, urine, fecal samples, and cytology in house to get answers fast. We also work with reference labs to get more specialized testing performed.

  • Surgery

  • Surgery

    We understand that surgery and anesthesia can be very scary. We take all anesthetic cases very seriously. We thoroughly screen all of our patients to make sure there are no hidden complications by performing exams before every anesthesia and requiring minimum baseline lab testing based on species, breed, and age. We use multimodal pain management. This not only reduces post operative pain (which is very important), but also reduces the depth of anesthesia which increases safety. All of our patients who undergo procedures of more than 5 minutes have an IV catheter and fluids to help bolster their blood pressure.

    We use extensive monitoring of our patients under anesthesia, using our ECG, oxygen saturation. blood pressure, temperature, and end tidal CO2 monitors. One of our medical team is assigned to your pet, from initial exam, through pre-anesthetic medications, anesthesia, and post operatively. For your pet’s safety, we only perform one surgical procedure at a time. We use an objective pain scoring system in order to make sure that if your pet is in pain, they immediately get the relief they need. We also routinely use laser surgery. Lasers reduce bleeding and also, by searing nerve endings, reduce pain on recovery. We also use low level laser therapy post operatively to reduce pain, swelling, and speed up healing.

  • Boarding

  • Boarding

    We understand how difficult it is to leave your pet. Our goal is to make your pet’s stay as rewarding and comfortable as possible. Our premier facility has much to offer to our canine and feline guests.

    We offer both dayboarding and overnight care.

    For our canine guests:

    • Temperature controlled, indoor only, individual suites (housing together is available by request)
    • Soothing music for dogs in the kennel.
    • Our house diet is prescription Purina EN which is high quality and reduces stress diarrhea. You are welcome to bring your own food or prescription diet.
    • Daily monitoring by well-trained medical staff and direct veterinary supervision
    • Specialized medical care as needed (such as examination, lab tests, vaccinations)
    • Administration of medications and supplements
    • Pheromone aroma therapy (Adaptil or Feliway) to help your pets relax
    • Lots of TLC by our well trained animal care team members
    • Video/photo text or email updates
    • Dog cots and soft blankets provided for every dog.
    • Safe, fully enclosed indoor environment for exercise and play.
    • Grooming and/or bathing by Joann our highly qualified groomer, is available upon request.

    For our feline guests:

    • Spacious, multi-level suites with a special “seaside view” of our salt water coral and fish aquarium
    • Our house diet is Hill’s Sensitive Stomach/Skin for cats which is high quality and reduces stress diarrhea. You are welcome to bring your own food or prescription diet.
    • Daily monitoring by well-trained medical staff and direct veterinary supervision
    • Specialized medical care as needed (such as examination, lab tests, vaccination)
    • Administration of medications and supplements
    • Lots of TLC by our well trained animal care team members
    • Video/photo text or email updates
    • Personal cat beds
    • Exercise period and stretching time within the cat room

    Boarding Requirements

    Because diseases spread in confined and shared spaces, we require our guests to be healthy and free of contagious diseases. We require proof of vaccination or we can perform necessary vaccines. A comprehensive physical examination at least annually for vaccination as we feel strongly that regular complete examinations are even more important than vaccinations to maintain your pet’s good health. Vaccines are most effective if given several days ahead of time. If these services are required, please schedule an appointment before boarding date (ideally 48 hours before).

    • Current on Rabies vaccination: (within 1 year for dogs under 2 years old, within 3 years for dogs over 2 years). Cats annual Rabies required.
    • Current on Distemper-Parvo (FVRCP for cats) vaccination (within 1 year for dogs and cats under 2 years old, within 3 years for dogs and cats over 2 years)
    • Current on Bordetella (dogs) and Felv (cats) vaccination (within 1 year)
    • Comprehensive physical examination by a veterinarian within 1 year.
    • Fecal testing within 1 year (to prevent spread of intestinal parasites)
    • Deworming within 6 months (or monthly heartworm protection given such as Trifexis, Heartguard (dogs), or Revolution (dogs and cats) to prevent spread of intestinal parasites.
    • Fleas spread quite readily from pet to pet. We take every precaution to minimize risk of fleas. If fleas are found on your pet upon admission or during your pet’s stay, we will give safe, effective flea control. There is a fee for this service. We strongly advise that all pets staying with us to be on monthly safe and effective flea control given prior to their stay.


    While we do everything possible to keep your pet clean and sanitary, sometimes bathing before going home is required. If your pet is with us for more than one week, we highly recommend regular (daily) brushing and a bath before going home. If here for a longer stay, grooming /cleanup baths are strongly advised at least every 2 weeks along with regular brushing. This is for your pet’s comfort and to prevent skin problems. If you wish to schedule a grooming appointment with one of our groomers, we strongly advise filling out the grooming sheet before leaving your pet or discussing your requests with our groomer in person.

    Boarding Check in/Pick up: From 7-5 weekdays and 7-2 on Saturdays and Sundays. To reduce wait time, email/fax vaccination records ahead of time and have written instructions prepared if your pet has any specific needs.


    Medications and diet

    There more specific you are with instructions, the less likely an error in medication or diet will be made. We will make every effort to follow instructions. Please make sure to bring enough food and medication. We can refill medications and some diets if needed during you pets stay. When leaving your pet with us, please make sure to note when the medication was given and when it is due next. Written or typed instructions are best.

    Text message/email

    Updates are available at your request. Please specify if you want a brief summary, photos, or video.

  • Grooming

  • Grooming

    Meet our groomer Joann!

    Joann started grooming in her teens at a show kennel with Standard Poodles and Shih Tzus. From there she worked at Canine Coiffures in Connecticut and, over the next 20 years, worked her way to manager.

    She then decided to move with her family to sunny California and has worked in two other grooming facilities before joining our team at the OC Veterinary Medical Center.

    While Joann loves and adores dogs, she has also become an avid cat lover, and works as a foster mom for cats and kittens in need for Caring Friends Cat Rescue. She especially likes to work with reducing feral cat population control with spay/neuter and release programs. She recently lost her adored poodle of sixteen years, little Lane.

    Joann does not do “assembly line” grooming. She realizes that every pet is unique and has specific requirements, from their age, breed, coat qualities, and medical conditions to their owner’s specific preferences. She loves to talk with pet owners to educate them on how to get the pet to look their best, not only leaving our hospital, but every day at home too. Joann is an expert in hand-stripping, clipping, and brushing. If you discuss what you want or bring a picture, she will either make it work, tell you the steps to make it work, or sit you down to realize that what you want may not be possible and suggest excellent alternatives.

    Joann does not like the needless shaving of pets. Shaving is a tool many groomers use because it’s quick and that way more pets can be groomed per day. But this may not be required, and can actually cause damage to the coat and increase risk of complications like skin infections. Certainly, the coat does not grow back the same. Instead, she will work on trimming, brushing, conditioning, and teach you skills for home skin and coat care. If needed, shaving is a last resort. This process does require more work and time, but if you have seen a shaved Labrador, you know what a travesty it is to see.

    Joann really wants to meet with you before performing a first grooming. Proper communication is essential in making sure that your pet goes home with the look that you want. She is very amenable to any specific requirements that you may have with your schedule, needing to wait, or even not allowing them to be in a cage. She wants all grooming experiences to be positive. You can even watch the grooming from start to finish (as long as your pet doesn’t get too excited by seeing you through the window).

    Grooming Requirements:

    Your pet needs to be healthy and not stressed by grooming. If a medical condition is found, or stress-free holding techniques are not sufficient, grooming will stop until the doctor is consulted. You will then be notified of any recommendations/changes. Frequently, we find hidden problems with nail, skin, fur, anal glands, or teeth. And for dogs that are stressed, we may make recommendations for sedation and training to reduce future issues.

    Your pet needs to be kept current on all vaccinations following our vaccination/examination policy. Just as with boarding, please note the vaccines are more effective if given before exposure occurs.

    Fleas are not welcome. We strongly advise monthly flea control like Comfortis, Trifexis or Revolution. If fleas are found, a bath is not sufficient remedy. Flea dips and shampoos are not allowed as they don’t work and can irritate the sensitive skin of pets. If fleas are found, we will start immediate flea control after discussion with you and the doctor.

    If you’d like to meet Joann to consult about grooming your pet, you can meet in our reception area

  • Training

  • Training

    We offer dog training. Too often neglected by veterinarians as a part of a happy and healthy life, proper behavior is critical. Too many dogs are euthanized or abandoned due to poor behavior. We feel that early intervention is critical to having a loving relationship with your pet.

    We offer puppy and adult dog training in our hospital. Group classes for puppies take place on Tuesdays and adult classes are on Thursdays at 6:30 in the evening in our spacious reception lobby and rear parking lot area. Days and times for private or individual classes will be determined by our trainer Margo depending on availability. Dogs in individual adult classes will require a diagnosis by a veterinarian prior to training.

    All training is positive reinforcement based. Shocking, hitting, kicking, yelling, or noxious noises should never be a part of training. Dogs and cats respond well to praise and reward, especially when intervention is early.

    Puppy group classes: A seven session package offers important basic training skills. We strongly encourage the entire family to attend, as training is mostly for the humans. Dogs really want to listen. If a puppy needs a more individual training, we offer a discount for individual training sessions of enrolled in our puppy classes. Vaccinations and dewormings will need to be current to the puppy’s age. Classes suited for 8 weeks to 6 months.

    Puppy individual classes: Designed for strong willed dogs, certain breeds, or first time pet parents.

    Adult group dog classes: Designed for dogs with similar behavioral issues to work on together. Like the puppy class, it’s a 7 week course and is held on Thursday evenings.

    Individual adult classes: Designed to assist with a behavioral problem. Our trainer will work with you, your pet, and the doctor as a team to get the problem resolved quickly. Because multiple sessions are frequently required, we advise purchasing a pre-paid discounted package.

    Meet our trainer!

    Margo has over 15 years of experience as a dog trainer. She is a member of the Association of pet Dog Trainers. She is a Certified CGC Evaluator and Trainer. She is also certified in Pet CPR. She has worked with Animal Behavior Training Associates, teaching Group Obedience and Puppy Classes throughout North O.C. Margo completed a 500 hour Training Course with innovative, positive, methodologies taught by Winning Communications, while also attending many seminars and continuing education courses on Canine Behavior, Learning Theory, Fears, Phobias, and Problem Behaviors through the Western States Veterinary Conferences. While being committed to providing the most effective and current solutions to her clients dog training needs Margo avidly pursues ongoing continuing education professional development by attending seminars and educational courses during the year and keeps up on industry literature. When not helping clients to enjoy a more harmonious relationship with their canine companions, Margo enjoys competing in Obedience Trials, Conformation Dog Shows as well as training with her own dogs and her therapy alpacas.

  • Rehabilitation Therapy

  • Rehabilitation Therapy

    This is an adjuct to surgery to speed healing and good mobility of affected limb. It also is an alternative to surgery in many cases. Rehabilitation therapy is using specific modalities to reduce pain, enhance healing, and increase function of a specific area. Therapy typically includes a combination of medications, dietary supplements, therapies in hospital, and home techniques. Proper communication is essential as owners must be an active part of this process. Therapeutics include passive exercise, active exercise, joint mobilization, electrical stimulation, therapeutic ultrasound, and low level laser treatment. Dr. Horn supervises all rehabilitation cases. Rehabilitation therapy is incorporated into all aspects of our cases, ranging from post surgical care, wound healing, and care for critical patients. We also see cases specifically for rehabilitation therapy.

  • Laser Therapy

  • Laser Therapy

    The therapy laser radically increases circulation, which reduces pain and inflammation by stimulating an endorphin/enkephalin release and radically excites the energy carrier in the cell (the ATP) to heal the cells in 1/3 to 1/2 faster than normal healing time. Laser treatments are cumulative and one builds upon another. A therapy laser treats any inflammation, pain or acute trauma and any chronic conditions which cause pain, stiffness and resulting loss of mobility. In medicine, there are hundreds of variants as to patient outcomes… age, condition, severity, lifestyle, diet, weight, drugs, just to name a few.
    Click here to read more… (PDF).

  • Dental X-Ray

  • Dentistry

    Dental disease is the second most common disease we see in pets (obesity is #1). Poor dental health can be a source of chronic pain and infection. Ouch. We offer both anesthetic cleanings for our more severe cases, and we have veterinarian supervised non-anesthetic cleanings as well. During anesthetic cleanings, we will perform through inspection of the mouth, teeth, and gums. We always perform full mouth dental radiographs that can find hidden problems.

    Ultrasonic scaling and polishing can be performed. Finally, we can repair an problems that are found. This process is directly supervised by one of our veterinarians and even routine procedures can take 45 minutes or more. We perform the same high level of safest anesthesia as we do our surgical patients, and are only performed one at a time. We also discuss proper home care so we can maintain good hygiene at home. This will not only make your pet more comfortable, but also lengthen the time until the next cleaning.

  • Non-Anesthetic Dental

  • Non-Anesthetic Dental

    Non-anesthetic dentistry is a safe and painless way to keep your pet’s oral health in top condition. With techniques for both cats and dogs, keeping your pet’s teeth clean has never been easier. While not a substitution for home care, these cleanings are a great way to reduce the number of anesthetic dental procedures your pet will need.

    Click here to read more… (PDF).

  • Hospice

  • Hospice Care

    When our beloved pets get older and sick, an extra special level of care is required. Dr. Horn is a member of the International Association for Animal Hospice and Palliative Care and is specially trained in how to improve your pet’s quality of life during this difficult time and will assist you in making the decision of when it’s time to say goodbye. House calls are available for assisting with patients that have a hard time getting to us.

    Because euthanasia can be a very stressful time for everyone. We try to make this as easy as possible for everyone. To make sure that the end is comfortable, we advise sedation before we administer an anesthetic overdose whether you decide to be present or not. This takes away stress and pain. If we are given enough advanced notice, sometimes we can perform humane euthanasia at your home, which reduces your pet’s stress from having to come to our hospital. We make sure that your pet’s remains are handled in a dignified, respectful manner and have several options which can be discussed with one of our medical team members. Our service also includes referral for pet loss support as well, because we know how difficult it is to lose a beloved friend.

    Click here our Pet Memorial page.